Meister Media Launches “Connect” Series of Strategic Events

Greenhouse_ConnectBeginning in 2014, a series of new, multiple-market events owned and operated by Meister Media Worldwide will carry the unifying brand name “Connect” – conveying their unique value in bringing influential growing and retail operations together with their peers and with major product and service suppliers in a high-level, strategic environment.

The first such event – to be called “GreenhouseConnect™” – is planned for October 22-24, 2014, says George Casey, Group Publisher of Meister Media’s Ornamental Group including Greenhouse Grower® and Today’s Garden Center® magazines. Representatives of an expected two-dozen leading greenhouse operations from across the U.S. will join senior-level suppliers in a resort location for several days of one-on-one strategic meetings, producer discussions and general sessions of informative, relevant content.

“Every grower has business pains to resolve. Our GreenhouseConnect event offers leading growers a one-stop shop of solutions that other growers don’t have access to,” Casey says. “For participating suppliers this is an opportunity for uninterrupted, one-on-one time with key customers and prospects while also getting invaluable feedback on potential new product or new service development.”

Comparable regional events in horticulture – called “FruitGrowerConnect™” and “VegetableGrowerConnect™” – are planned for November and December 2014 as extensions to services long provided by American-Western Fruit Grower® and American Vegetable Grower® magazines.

“Growers who attend our Connect events get quality time with key people from major suppliers, deepening their relationships with them and learning what new products are coming down the road and help in the development of new products,” says Gerry Bogdon, Group Publisher of Meister Media’s U.S. Horticulture Group. “Participating suppliers deepen their relationships with very large growers and can further initiatives such as securing grower partners for on-farm trialing of their products.”

Katie Smith, Corporate Events Director for Meister Media Worldwide, says other Connect events are being planned, including Today’s Garden Center® magazine’s “GardenCenterConnect™” (formerly TGC Business Builder Conference).

“Our audiences and the suppliers who serve them have come to rely on us to pull the important players together,” Smith says. “Paired with our industry-leading magazines and digital products, Meister Media’s Connect series is a seamless – and enhanced – face-to-face extension of a valuable service we’ve brought to our markets for some time. Whether the Connect event is national or regional, multiple-day or one-day, it’s been tailored to the unique dynamics of that market and is a unique opportunity to bring together leading growing and retail organizations in a high-level, strategic environment. ”