Produce Industry Leaders Join GenNext Growersâ„¢ Advisory Council

GenNextGrowers_logoMeister Media Worldwide’s GenNext Growers™ initiative – the aim of which is to ensure a successful transition of American fruit, vegetable and citrus farms to the next generation of owners and managers – is pleased to welcome a growing number of produce industry leaders from across the nation as founding members of the GenNext Growers Advisory Council.

As of April 10, 2014, the Council’s roster includes:

  • Bruce Hollabaugh, Production and Personnel Manager, Hollabaugh Brothers Fruit Farm, Biglerville, PA
  • Tim Coolong, Associate Professor, Horticulture, University of Georgia
  • David Doll, Pomology Farm Advisor, University of California – Davis
  • Chris Drew, Production Manager, Ocean Mist Farms in California, a producer of mixed greens and other vegetables
  • Catherine Lara, Specialty Crop Program Manager and Young Growers Leadership Development, Penn State University
  • Christine Nevosh, Western Marketing Manager, DuPont
  • Joe Petrocco, Vice President, Petrocco Farms in Colorado, a producer of leaf lettuce, spinach, cabbage, onions, spinach, and beans
  • Justin Sorrells, Owner and General Manager, Sorrells Citrus and DeSoto Fruit & Harvesting
  • Sonia Tighe, Executive Director, Florida Specialty Crop Foundation, representing the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association

The role of the GenNext Advisory Council is to serve in a mentor / advisor capacity to the Initiative as it endeavors to identify candidates for GenNext Growers and host a community of peers with online, social-media and in-person interactions; foster the professional development of the GenNext Grower community through focused content and educational opportunities in areas of greatest need and interest; and share the best thinking and success stories of GenNext Growers to the wider growing and produce communities so that anyone can share in and benefit from the initiative.

About the GenNext Growers Initiative
GenNext Growers was founded in 2013 by American Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower and Florida Grower magazines as a cross-produce-industry “umbrella” initiative to help identify, inform and inspire the next generation of grower who:

  • Were born after 1970
  • Are preparing to assume, or already have assumed, leadership in a farming enterprise
  • Have a passion to produce high-quality specialty crops: fruits, vegetables and citrus
  • Seek to be advocates for their industry

The aim of the initiative is to identify, develop and promote across the industry the best practices of the nation’s most promising up-and-coming specialty crop growers; to help pull together and bring a national voice to the many regional young growers programs currently underway; and to ensure a smooth generational transition and the long-term viability of America’s fruit, vegetable and citrus industries.