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Print or electronic? The answer is simple … BOTH.

With MeisterDirect’s PrintDIRECT and eDIRECT capabilities, integration has never been easier.

Whether you’re looking to connect with citrus growers in California and Florida that have more than 500 acres each, or you need to reach retailers/dealers with sales of $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, renting a list from MeisterDirect is the most effective way to meet these needs and more.


Meister Media’s PrintDIRECT and eDIRECT products are a unique way to engage thousands of professionals and growers in specialty agriculture across nine markets.


Our accurate, specialty agriculture mailing lists can connect you to thousands of your potential customers with direct mail campaigns that deliver your message directly to their mailboxes.


Combined with a targeted email campaign, exclusive to you, you can take your brand story to MeisterDirect’s engaged email subscribers.

Meister Advantage

Take advantage of our 85 years of trusted relationships with growers and retailers. We understand the crops they grow, the size of their operations, where they grow their crops, and the services they provide to their clients.

Our recent print and eDirect solutions.

Suntory Flowers Catalog

Yearly catalog for a flower breeder’s product line used by large greenhouse growers to purchase crops for the upcoming season. Goal: include high-impact visuals to show flowers in full glory.

Fertilizer 101

Educational piece. Goal: create a piece focused on the awareness of benefits for fertilizer use. Distributed throughout Congress and state senates.


eDirect campaign. Goal: general product awareness and education for vegetable growers.

John Deere Water

eDirect campaign. Goal: showcasing products to growers by using how-to videos in the email campaign.

OmniStar Global Positioning

Multi-media marketing campaign. Goal: create a trifold brochure and full-product brochure with accompanying product video DVD.

Zeraim Gedera

Company print newsletter distributed internally and to clients. Goal: create a custom design that follows company and corporate branding.

Create a custom solution tailored to the right market.

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