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growers and producers in the Mexico horticulture market

Unique access to Mexico

Mexico is an agricultural powerhouse with its ideal growing climate, adaptation of world-class technologies, and access to major consumer economies. Productores de Hortalizas® magazine, published in Spanish, reaches thousands of growers of vegetables in key production areas with additional reports focused on related high-value crops including berries.

Market MapUnique access to a key producing and exporting nation

Industry-pacing print, digital, and event offerings

Emphasis on high-value, high-profit crops

See how you can connect within the Mexico market:

Print Solutions

Productores de Hortalizas® magazine is your ally for reaching professional vegetable growers, crop advisors and other key decision makers in Mexico. This brand’s audience is formed by 50% growers and 35% consultants in the industry. Our readers are eager to learn more about YOUR solutions to grow and export quality crops!


Digital Solutions

Our Productores de Hortalizas media group offers you the flexibility to customize your message to best reach your audience. In addition, choose from, eDialogo™ (24/7 online forum) to eHortalizas™ (weekly eNews) to Topical eNews offerings all year long!


Productores de Hortalizas℠ offers events in key markets to connect you with your clients, including the International Tomato Congress℠, our own Grower Achievement Award (for tomato and pepper growers), and covers all the top events in the horticulture industry.

Business Services

Whether you need just a few hours of work on a small project geared toward the Mexico horticulture market, or you would like to retain our ongoing services in exchange for a monthly fee, our talented team of strategists, web designers, writers, digital experts, and project managers are skilled professionals eager to put our comprehensive industry knowledge to work for you. Productores de Hortalizas is the perfect brand to start your custom solution journey.

Leading and educating
the market with knowledge

Our industry-leading brands are the forefront in educating, reporting, and shaping the horticulture market. See our Productores de Hortalizas brand that connects through this audience and how you can channel your message through it.


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