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Farm Marketing

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For produce growers who sell locally

“Agritainment” and the “buy local” movement are booming areas among consumers, requiring new levels of merchandising and customer-service expertise among marketing-minded growers. American Farm Marketer™ reaches operators of farm markets through the distribution channels of American Fruit Grower®, Western Fruit Grower®, American Vegetable Grower®, and Florida Grower® magazines.

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Impact up-the-chain variety and production decisions

Influence downstream consumers

See how you can connect within the farm marketing market:

Print Solutions

American Farm Marketer™ provides special, seasonal reports in the pages of American Fruit Grower®, American Vegetable Grower®, and Florida Grower® magazines.


Digital Solutions offers growers ideas, tips, and success stories in marketing and merchandising you can use immediately. And with access to webinars and other online learning opportunities like our e-newsletters, you’ll learn practical ideas for each coming marketing season.

When it comes to retailing, having high sales isn’t as important as profit. We’re introducing an Excellence Program to recognize the powerhouse produce marketers who work in financially smart ways and with innovative methods of retailing and management. As part of this program, we will  offer grower-retailers the chance to join regular group discussions on specific areas of running their businesses.


Through webinars and online classes, we’re taking online learning to a new level by recruiting university professors and national experts to teach you, our industry professionals, practical ways to improve your businesses. These online events will include handouts and powerful opportunities to engage with one another.


Business Services

Whether you need just a few hours of work on a small project geared toward farm marketing, or you would like to retain our ongoing services in exchange for a monthly fee, our talented team of strategists, web designers, writers, digital experts, and project managers are skilled professionals eager to put our comprehensive industry knowledge to work for you. American Farm Marketer® is the perfect brand to start your custom solution journey.


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Our industry-leading brands are the forefront in educating, reporting, and shaping the agribusiness market. See all our brands that connect through this audience and how you can channel your message through them.



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