Ad Specifications & Guidelines

Preparing Your File For Digital:

Digital Banner Ad Specifications
Click here for a pdf of Digital Ad Specs

GIF or JPEG Format
40 KB file size limit
Hyperlink to single absolute URL must be provided

Range of dimensions:
Leaderboard: 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high
Full horizontal: 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high
Half page: 300 pixels wide x 600 pixels high
Medium Rectangle: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high
Logo Text:

  • Sponsor logo: 160 pixels wide x 45 pixels high
  • Image: 120 pixels wide x 90 pixels high
  • Text: 235 characters max (excluding spaces) includes bold headline

Electronic Ad Specifications, Guidelines, and FTP info
Click here for a pdf of Electronic Ad Specs, Guidelines, and FTP info

Preparing Your File For Print:

Acceptable Document Formats/Applications:

  • Adobe® InDesign - Click here for exporting PDF instructions
  • QuarkXPress (Mac or PC) "Collect for Output" to gather files
  • Adobe Acrobat (Mac or PC)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Mac or PC)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Mac or PC)
  • Adobe PageMaker (Mac or PC)
    Save As... and select "files for remote printing" to gather files.
  • We are unable to accept Microsoft® Word, Publisher, Excel, Works, or PowerPoint.
  • Be sure to ALWAYS include ALL: Graphics, Scans, and Fonts when submitting native files.
  • File names are to have a maximum of 25 characters.
  • All graphics must be high resolution (300 dpi or above at 100%).
  • We are unable to accept: JPEG, GIF, MS Word Metafile or any Internet graphics for print.
  • We cannot output color files created with RGB.

All color ads must be created using CMYK or spot PANTONE colors.


  • Only Postcript oe Open Type fonts accepted. TrueType fonts will not be accepted.
  • Must include both printer and screen fonts with ad files.
  • Fonts in ad files created on a PC will be substituted with the closest matching Macintosh font.
  • Due to legal restrictions, customer supplied fonts cannot be kept on file by Meister, therefore fonts must be supplied with each new file submitted.


  • Proofs are required for all electronic ads submitted. (Meister cannot be held responsible for the content and/or output of customer-supplied files if a proof is not supplied).