Pros & Cons To Creating Your Own Content

By Bob West Most clients I meet with these days want to incorporate more content marketing tactics into their marketing plans, whether that means developing a blog, launching a video series, shifting toward native ads or launching their own e-newsletter. But nearly all of them are slowed trying to answer the same question: Who is […]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Next Content Project

By Bob West As more companies embrace content marketing, we see some poorly executed efforts, which is to be expected given the newness and subjective nature of the content marketing philosophy. Many of these problems can be avoided with some effective planning, so let’s look at key questions to consider before embarking on your next […]

5 Keys to Getting the Most Value From One Piece of Content

By Bob West Many of our clients understand the value of content marketing and want to incorporate this philosophy into their plans, but they face one daunting challenge – producing the content. Creating new content can undoubtedly present challenges (hence this blog post on the benefits of outsourcing your content development), which is why getting […]

Content Marketing …. What & Why?

By Bob West The shift toward content marketing represents a tremendous philosophic change for many marketers, and our forward-thinking agricultural and horticultural clients are catching on now. For those marketers unfamiliar with the concept of content marketing, let’s examine what this term “content marketing” means and why you need to consider it when developing your […]

A Website CMS …. What You Need to Know

By Bob West Clients hire us to build them a new website for two primary reasons: 1. They need a website that offers a better mobile experience; or, more likely, 2. They need a website that is easier for them to update and maintain. Let me be clear about it: If you (a marketer) can’t […]

7 Questions to Ask Yourself for Your New Website

By Bob West We have built websites for a number of clients in recent years, and most of these clients hired Meister Custom for one of two reason: 1. They needed a website that is easier to update and maintain; or 2. They needed a website that offered a better mobile experience. Deciding you need […]

Mark Twain & Ads on our Websites Have Something in Common

By Bob West “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain is known for that quote, but I feel like online display ads could make the same claim. Meister Media delivered more than 30 million ad impressions for 205 clients across seven different websites in 2017, and guess what those ads did? They […]

Quality Tops Quantity, Bloggers Say

By Bob West New research from Orbit Media may hold some good news for all of the would-be bloggers amongst you looking to strengthen your company’s website with an informative blog: Bloggers are consciously producing fewer posts. However, before you think, ‘That’s great. Keeping our blog updated will be easier than ever!’, note that a […]

Research Highlights Value of Content Marketing & Keys to Success

By Bob West Content marketing is not a concept that is going away. The philosophy was originally adopted by large-scale, progressive-thinking consumer marketers and then became popular with enterprise marketers in the business-to-business realm. The question for agricultural marketers is whether or not they’re willing to re-think their traditional marketing tactics in favor of this […]

Are Ad Blockers the End of Online Advertising?

By Bob West A co-worker who decided I needed something else to worry about sent me the latest eMarketer research into ad blocker use, and you can see their six key charts here. The headline news from the data is that ad blocker use is projected to grow 24% in 2017, thereby pushing the number […]