Mobile Audience Continues Growing, but Growth Clearly Slows in 2017

By Bob West The shift to mobile is a topic that never leaves marketers’ minds. (At least, it shouldn’t!) We monitor the trend vigilantly at Meister Media to ensure we’re serving content to our audiences in the best way to help them consume it as easily as possible, which means serving them content for their […]

Direct Email Marketing Continues Engaging Our Audiences

By Bob West One key tactic often gets ignored among the many conversations about the rising popularity of digital marketing – direct email marketing. While we have seen an undeniable rise in the number of companies marketing via our enewsletters and websites, we have also seen a similar rise in the number of clients renting […]

Apple and Google Take Aim at Display Ads?

By Bob West We have talked previously on this blog about benefits of native advertising and why marketers should note this fairly new marketing approach. Here’s yet another reason for you to explore how native advertising can help your marketing plan: Apple and Google are starting to declare war on the traditional display ads marketers […]

3 Things to Know Before Accepting Our Proposal

By Bob West Let’s be clear – we want to do work for you and your company. Specifically, I’m interested in selling you on our custom digital capabilities (websites, videos, content, etc.), but some recent experiences have convinced me to share a couple of thoughts that I can really only call warnings for potential customers. […]

Native Ads – What’s all the buzz about?

By Bob West Most everyone in marketing has heard the term “native advertising” in the past 12 to 18 months, and now marketers in specialty horticulture and agriculture need to familiarize themselves with the concept as native advertising becomes the latest marketing concept to flow from large-scale consumer media into more targeted, business-to-business marketing. This […]

Latest Research Highlights Key to Content Marketing Success

By Bob West Marketers’ use of content marketing tactics continues creeping into our niche world of agricultural and horticultural media, but most of our clients continue missing out on the benefits of this engaging approach to marketing. The newest benchmarking research from the Content Marketing Institute offers extensive insights into the strategies and tactics employed […]

My 4 Content Marketing World Takeaways

By Bob West I’ve espoused the benefits of content marketing in this blog many times over the past few years, so you can imagine my excitement to attend Content Marketing World 2016, the premier global event for content marketers. The event clearly caters to much larger businesses than the typical Meister Media client, but the […]

Tips for Email Marketing

By Bob West As an increasing number of companies use email marketing to deliver their message directly to growers’ and retailers’ in boxes, the competition for these prospects’ time and attention increases. The video below features the best practices we have identified from analyzing the 400+ email efforts Meister Media produced for clients in 2015. […]

Email marketing is growing …. Because it can work so well!

By Bob West Anyone with an email address knows that email marketing is more popular than ever, and that includes the specialty agriculture and horticulture markets served by Meister Media. We saw 30% growth in the number of clients renting email addresses from us in 2015, and before you dismiss the potential value of including […]

Media Use of Fruit & Vegetable Growers Revealed

By Bob West If you sell to fruit and vegetable growers …. Do you know which media sources fruit and vegetable growers think are most useful when it comes to learning about new products? Where do these growers look for answers when they’re researching a potential product purchase? And when these growers go online, what […]