Email Marketing: How Does it Work?

  By Bob West   I recently heard a presentation from noted content marketer Marcus Sheridan who summed up his corporate communications / marketing philosophy as, ‘They ask. You answer.’ He believes a company’s blog should strive to answer any and all questions its customers have about its products and services. To that end, here’s […]

3 Marketing Takeaways from AgCatalyst

  by Bob West   For the last two years, the agency folks at Adfarm have produced a two-day conference called AgCatalyst. You don’t need to be an Adfarm client (or media company!) to attend — the event is open to anyone in ag marketing communications looking to advance their own marketing knowledge and efforts. […]

The Poster Child for Content Marketing Speaks & Ag Marketers Should Listen

by Bob West   If you’re heard or read much about content marketing, you’ve likely heard the story of Marcus Sheridan and his pool company, River Pools & Spas, in Richmond, Va. Attendees at the 2014 AgCatalyst Conference produced by ad agency Adfarm got to hear the story first hand from Sheridan, himself, and it’s […]

Need Proof Mobile Matters More than Ever? Here you go.

By Bob West Companies expressing concern or unhappiness with their own websites regularly focus on two key areas that need improvement: ease of updating, and an outdated design. Rarely do these companies note the third key area that will get more growers or retailers alike to visit their website and spend more time on it […]

Digital Audiences Continue Growing in Ag

By Bob West Meister Media sold approximately 20% more enewsletter and website ads in the first half of 2014 than in the same period 2013, and this trend only will only continue as ag professionals rely more than ever on media enewsletters and websites for their information and marketers adjust their advertising plans accordingly. Audience […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Your Website

by Bob West So, you’re thinking about developing a new website? The dramatic growth in use of the Internet by agricultural and ornamental grower audiences has spurred many marketers to re-evaluate their websites and take steps to improve them so their sites attract a bigger audience and provide a better experience for the growers who […]

Read this Before Buying Your Next Enewsletter Ad!

By Bob West If you’re like most marketers using enewsletter ads to reach your audience, you want those growers and retailers to click on your ads and visit your website, which is certainly a logical goal. That’s why we want to make sure you understand the click-through rates on different ad units and what they […]

Why A / B Testing Matters in Your Email Marketing

By Bob West We’ve written here before about the growing popularity of email marketing as more companies deliver their product messages and content directly to targeted growers’ in boxes. Sending more than 200 of these efforts a year for clients affords Meister Media the opportunity identify the best practices for achieving success, and we want […]

What Can the New York Times Teach You?

By Bob West The tremendous growth in web use by growers and retailers across the country has many ag companies getting serious about their own websites. As we talk to them about steps they can take to enhance their sites, they inevitably start discussions about the site’s appearance in the same place: the home page. […]

The Best Subject Line Length for Opens is …

By Bob West Email marketing is blowing up in ag circles as companies tap into growing web use among ag professionals and appreciate the cost effectiveness and immediate results to be gained from delivering a message right into a grower’s in box. And companies are learning what content engages their prospective customers most effectively and […]