Why the Right Content = More Ad Clicks

Location, location, location is the old real estate mantra, right? Well, the truism may be good to keep in mind when you’re buying digital advertising, and not for the reasons you think. Obviously, location matters in that you want your messages delivered via a vehicle that will be seen. But have you thought about the […]

Designing an eDirect that Deliver

As digital communications become a greater part of every company’s marketing efforts, email-based communications (which we at Meister Media term ‘eDirects’) have become increasingly attractive alternatives to traditional direct mail. But just sending an email to a strategically selected list of customers or prospects is not enough to deliver success. Design matters in direct mail, […]

What Happens When Creative Gets Stale?

I think many of our clients doubt us when they hear us talk about the importance of changing up creative when developing a digital ad campaign. That’s why we want to share some metrics we recently pulled for a client that ran the exact same medium rectangle ad 18 different times in one of our […]

7 Ad Metrics You Need to Know

Enews and online advertising offers so many benefits, and one that is particularly valued by marketers is the ability to measure their effort’s effectiveness. But these numbers don’t always make sense unless you have a benchmark for comparison. That’s why Meister Media has undertaken an extensive analysis to establish benchmark click-through rates for the seven […]

What is Content Marketing and Why Should I Do It?

Communication has always been a two-way street, but when it comes to companies and their customers, the direction of traffic has changed. Gone are the days when you had sole responsibility for finding new customers, using advertising, print catalogs, direct mail and cold calls. Customers now have the Internet at their disposal and are actively […]

8 Ways to Make Video Jump Off the Screen

Online video used to be viewed as a plaything of younger people with too much disposable time. No more. Not only is video now a major enterprise for print media as well as TV media, it’s now the fastest-growing form of online advertising and marketing. Video can be the optimal medium for explaining a product […]

Five Reasons To Try Social Media

To Tweet? Or not to Tweet? That is the question on the minds of many agricultural and horticultural business owners as social media — not only Twitter but also Facebook, YouTube and the newest member of the group, Google+ — become ever-more ubiquitous in everyday life. Most likely, you would be hard pressed to name […]

eMail: 7 Steps to Building Your Business

Social media is coming on strong, but email still remains the best way to “reach out and touch” current and prospective customers and pull them back to your website. Here are seven steps and tips. Build the list. Collect and store in a spreadsheet every email you can collect — from tradeshow card drops to […]