7 Ad Metrics You Need to Know

Enews and online advertising offers so many benefits, and one that is particularly valued by marketers is the ability to measure their effort’s effectiveness. But these numbers don’t always make sense unless you have a benchmark for comparison. That’s why Meister Media has undertaken an extensive analysis to establish benchmark click-through rates for the seven most commonly purchased enewsletter and online ad units it serves.

NOTE: These click-through rates are from all ads served from , in Meister Media’s own enewsletters and websites. That’s a total of more than 2,100 ads. And these rates are figured by dividing the number of clicks on each ad by the number of unique impressions.

Enewsletter ads
Logo/text 1.45%
Leaderboard 0.83%
Medium rectangle 0.59%
Horizontal banner 0.37%
Online ads
Medium rectangle 0.47%
Leaderboard 0.39%
Horizontal banner 0.38%

So, what does this mean to you as a marketer?

  1. Enewsletter ads almost always generate higher click-through rates (CTR) than do online ads because online ads generate so many more impressions through repeat viewings. But online ads typically generate a higher number of impressions and clicks based on the exposure provided by web ads compared to enews ads.
  2. Different ad units perform differently in terms of CTR, so keep this in mind as you identify the goals for your digital ad buy. Are you looking for branding / awareness or click-through visits to your site?
  3. Advertising against more focused content, such as within a TV enewsletter or a topical enewsletter, will likely result in higher CTRs as the audience’s engagement increases around more focused content.

For ad click-through rate benchmarks on for one of our specific markets, please contact your Meister Media sales rep or our Director of Interactive Sales, Bob West, at bwwest@meistermedia.com or 440-602-9129.