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Our Company

The Tradition Starts Here

It’s all about empowering global agriculture to make the world better … healthier … more knowledgeable.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values embody the original pioneer spirit that drove E.G.K. Meister and brother Gilbert to form the American Fruit Grower Publishing Company in 1932. That same passion for taking something and making it better drives Meister Media Worldwide today.

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These statements are a living tribute to the way in which we conduct business with our customers and among each other. We stand by them in everything we do.


To cultivate a sustainable world through the power of knowledge.


To be the trusted partner empowering the business of global agriculture to grow a better world.

Core Values

At Meister Media Worldwide, our blueprint for success is rooted in our core values.  Click here for our blueprint

Our History & Legacy

Like many of the farmers, growers, and agriculture professionals we serve, we are proud to have remained a private, family owned company since 1932.

From our early beginnings built around a single magazine, American Fruit Grower, Meister Media Worldwide has grown to be a leader in the industry providing information and networking opportunities to global markets including fruits and citrus, vegetables, cotton, ornamental horticulture, precision agriculture, plant protection, and Latin American agriculture. Meister Media Worldwide continues to impart its rich traditions from generation to generation.

Today and tomorrow, Meister Media Worldwide continues to build for the future without losing sight of the past.

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Our Culture

Our social responsibilty to the global and local community.


Your success is our success.


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