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Market Touchpoints

Meister Media Worldwide's brands deliver both across markets and across media platforms. Here's a look at all our branded offerings.


Growing Innovations from Meister | NXT

MANY CROPS. MANY SOLUTIONS. ONE EVENT. Specialty crop growers face new complex challenges from all directions. Now there’s one event that brings them all together to find the solutions.

PrecisionAg® Vision Conference

A strategic, global forum connecting senior executives from the agronomic and horticulture markets seeking to integrate technology-driven business solutions.

BiocontrolsSM Conference & Expo Series

Latest developments in biological tools and techniques specific to Western U.S. specialty crop growers.

AgriBusiness GlobalSM Trade Summit

The world’s premier crop input sourcing event. Connects all members of the value chain – 700+ delegates from 40+ countries.

AgriBusiness GlobalSM Trade Summit Southeast Asia

The world’s premier crop input sourcing event, connecting all members of the value chain regionally in Southeast Asia.

Florida Citrus ShowSM

Presented by Florida Grower, this show provides the latest products, services, and citrus production research with a focus on HLB.

Meister Media Worldwide Industry SummitSM

The Meister Media Worldwide Industry Summit℠ is a new multiple-crop event – Including the International Tomato, Pepper, and Berry Congresses – held in Mexico!

Fruit and Vegetable Grower Connect East

Fruit and Vegetable Grower Connect EastSM

Focus: fruit, vegetable, and citrus-growing operations

Fruit and Vegetable Grower Connect West

Fruit and Vegetable Grower Connect WestSM

Focus: fruit-growing operations

Greenhouse Connect


Focus: greenhouse growing operations


Focus: vegetable and fruit production in Mexico


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