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Behind the millions of planted acres in the U.S. are large-scale, custom-application machines and sophisticated hardware and software for precision agriculture. For example, CropLife IRON provides product news for ag retailers. PrecisionAg offers print publications, digital products, and highly targeted conferences and events for growers, ag retailers, equipment dealers, and other important decision makers.

Market MapReaches a community vitally interested in precision application of crop inputs

Reaches both large-scale application and micro-circuitry-driven precision farming

An equipment-specific content focus

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Print Solutions

Your marketing has to be aggressive and your products visible. Each year, CropLife IRON® magazine reaches 43% of companies that generate more than $10 million in sales. More than half of these companies have 50,000+ acres of farmland. Produced six times each year, including regional and topical print reports, CropLife IRON is the best equipment purchase, decision-making tool in the business and puts your marketing message in the hands of application professionals.


Digital Soutions

CropLife IRON® eNews offers weekly information, PLUS Topical eNews all year long! With a total online reach of 130,000+, our mobile-friendly newsletter provides greater visibility on tablets and smartphones. Key decision makers rely on coverage from CropLife IRON.


From the Illinois Fertilizer & Ag-Chem Show at the beginning of the year, through the Commodity Classic in March/April and into the middle of the year with the Magie show, you can be sure your audience will see your presence in CropLife IRON at all the main events throughout the year.

Business Services

Whether you need just a few hours of work on a small project geared toward equipment manufacturers and distributors, or you would like to retain our ongoing services in exchange for a monthly fee, our talented team of strategists, web designers, writers, digital experts, and project managers are skilled professionals eager to put our comprehensive industry knowledge to work for you. CropLife IRON is the perfect brand to start your custom solution journey.

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Our industry-leading brands are the forefront in educating, reporting, and shaping the agribusiness market. See all our brands that connect through this audience and how you can channel your message through them.

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