Why the Right Content = More Ad Clicks

Location, location, location is the old real estate mantra, right? Well, the truism may be good to keep in mind when you’re buying digital advertising, and not for the reasons you think.

Obviously, location matters in that you want your messages delivered via a vehicle that will be seen. But have you thought about the benefits of advertising in niche areas where your ad message can be even more closely related to the surrounding content? Think about the difference between advertising in a magazine’s general, weekly enewsletter compared to being in an every-other-week enewsletter that is filled entirely with content dedicated to one topic — greenhouse structures, or insect control strategies.

As we’ve developed more of these topical enewsletters, we’ve learned that the audience is much more engaged with all elements of them, including the ads. We regularly see click-through rates 50% to 100% higher on the same ad units when comparing performance in a topical enewsletter to our standard enews efforts.

The premise holds true online as well as we begin segmenting the ad inventory into topical silos rather than the basic, run-of-site model. Click-through rates climb.

The other side of this coin is that ad impressions typically drop whenever you target a niche audience, but the eyeballs you’re losing are relatively lower-value folks anyway. The impressions you want are the ones before an audience looking for information as closely related to your products as possible. Because, it turns out, then they’re even more interested in your products, too!

For a detailed comparison of the average click-through rates for ads around general content compared to ads around more focused content, please contact your Meister Media sales rep or our Director of Interactive Sales, Bob West, at bwwest@meistermedia.com or 4406029129.