What Happens When Creative Gets Stale?

I think many of our clients doubt us when they hear us talk about the importance of changing up creative when developing a digital ad campaign. That’s why we want to share some metrics we recently pulled for a client that ran the exact same medium rectangle ad 18 different times in one of our enewsletters this year. Every client’s metrics are its own proprietary information, so we’re not going to identify the company or the market here, but hopefully the results of this campaign help you appreciate the importance of varying creative in an extended program.

The average click-through rate for the client’s 2012 campaign was 0.37% for a total of 18 medium rectangle ads (two ads per month for nine consecutive months). The click-through rate number is below our average click-through rate for enewsletter medium rectangles (0.58%), and it likely would have been higher had they changed up their creative throughout the year or mixed in some leaderboards and / or logo text ads. Just look at the average click-through rate generated by the first six insertions compared to the second six and the third six insertions:

a. First six insertions: 0.47% click-through rate
b. Second six insertions: 0.38% click-through rate
c. Third six insertions: 0.30% click-through rate

This client deserves credit for committing to enewsletter advertising as they did in 2012, and they should feel good about the more than 56,000 impressions their ads generated. We just want our clients to know there are things they can do to maximize the click-through traffic to their website, and changing up their ads is one such thing.

Click here for more information about the average click-through rates of digital ads in Meister Media’s various channels or contact Bob West, Meister Media’s Director of Interactive Sales (bwest@meistermedia.com, or 440-602-9129).