Digital Audiences Continue Growing in Ag

By Bob West

Meister Media sold approximately 20% more enewsletter and website ads in the first half of 2014 than in the same period 2013, and this trend only will only continue as ag professionals rely more than ever on media enewsletters and websites for their information and marketers adjust their advertising plans accordingly.

Audience growth never happens in a straight line or at the same speed in different industries, but marketers cannot ignore the size of these digital audiences any longer. Here’s a look at the growth in Meister Media’s enewsletter and website audiences from the first nine months of 2013 to the first nine months of 2014:


Brand 2014 Enewsletter Subscribers % Growth from 2013 2014 Monthly Website Pageviews % Growth from 2013
American Fruit Grower 15,356 8% 99,944 47%
American Vegetable Grower 16,848 (2%)
Florida Grower 6,229 9%
Greenhouse Grower 22,192 12% 171,856 61%
Today’s Garden Center 14,154 45% 70,987 8%
CropLife 17,150 25% 83,114 39%
Precision Ag 12,006 5% 31,840 53%
Cotton Grower 10,203 (4%) 17,019 (25%)
Farm Chemicals International 7,560 3.6% 18,063 (24%)
Productores de Hortalizas 20,344 18% 88,948 14%


These numbers are not just about the growth in our brands — the numbers are big enough that they speak to market adoption. So, what does this mean for a marketer?

If your marketing campaign does not yet include digital media, why not? These audiences continue expanding rapidly, making digital ads more cost effective than ever and providing you greater reach. Plus, many of our digital media now boast larger audiences than their print counterparts — spreading the budget over both print and digital provides the most complete reach you need.

(Broadening your marketing plan to incorporate digital along with print undoubtedly complicates media planning, so we’ve got some suggestions on when to use enewsletters vs. websites here.)

Bob West is the Director of Interactive Sales for Meister Media. For more information on these audience trends or to discuss how Meister can help your company’s digital marketing efforts, contact him at 440/602-9129 or