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Our History

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Today and tomorrow, Meister Media Worldwide continues to build for the future without losing sight of the past.


E.G.K. Meister, President, and brother Gilbert, Vice President, form American Fruit Grower Publishing Company built around one magazine: American Fruit Grower®.

In Agriculture History*
All-purpose tractors with rubber tires are in demand.


E.G.K.’s sons join the family business – Richard T. Meister, Editorial Director and now Chairman Emeritus (left), and Edward L. Meister, Advertising Manager and later President (far right).

In Agriculture History
The spindle cotton picker becomes produced commercially

1950s - 1960s

American Fruit Grower Publishing Company expands from one publication to seven, including: American Vegetable Grower®, Farm Chemicals (now CropLife®), Cotton Trade Journal (now Cotton Grower®), Cotton International®, Farm Chemicals Handbook (now Meisterpro Crop Protection Handbook).

Company name changes to Meister Publishing Company with headquarters in two century homes in Willoughby, Ohio (15 miles east of Cleveland).

In Agriculture History
Organic chemicals called chelates help protect plants against certain metal deficiencies

The mechanical tomato harvester is developed


Ed and Dick Meister (and family) travel the world promoting Cotton International® and broadening the scope of Farm Chemicals to include coverage of the global crop protection and fertilizer industries.

The seeds are sown for today’s mission: To be the trusted partner empowering the business of global agriculture to grow a better world.

A milestone event: Gary Fitzgerald, Dick Meister’s son-in-law, joins the company as Western Advertising Manager, and now CEO, representing the third generation of Meister leadership (1979).

In Agriculture History
No-till agriculture becomes popular in an effort to curb erosion


Meister Publishing launches: Greenhouse Grower® (1982).

Meister Publishing launches Farm Chemicals International® (1986).

Another milestone event: Bill Miller, Dick’s son-in-law,  joins the company as an Advertising Sales Representative and is now Vice Chairman (1987).

Meister Publishing builds and moves into its new and current headquarters at 37733 Euclid Avenue in Willoughby, Ohio – just a few hundred feet from the century houses that served as its home for so long (1989).

In Agriculture History
To reduce the amount of chemicals used in their applications, farmers begin using low-input sustainable agriculture (LISA) techniques


Meister launches Productores de Hortalizas®, a Spanish-language magazine for vegetable growers in Mexico (1992).

Meister acquires Florida Grower® and Ornamental Outlook® magazines and establishes a third branch office in Orlando, FL, which joins facilities in Memphis, TN and Modesto, CA. (1995).

Meister expands into the trade show business with the Indian River Citrus Seminar (1995).

In Agriculture History
Agriculture adopts information technology

Farmers start to use satellite technology for planning and tracking purposes

The first insect- and weed-resistant bio-tech crops, soybeans and cotton, are commercially available


Meister acquires Clear Window Multimedia and with it came the PrecisionAg® franchise.

Meister Publishing changes its name to Meister Media Worldwide (2003).

Meister Media Worldwide celebrates its 75th anniversary and three generations as a family company (2007).

In Agriculture History
Genetically modified plants are cultivated throughout the world


Meister Media is primed for future success as the fourth generation of family members join the Meister Media team: Gary’s daughters Katherine Fitzgerald Howington (center), Director of Events (2014), and Lauren Fitzgerald (far right) as Director, Audience and Data (2016).

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*Agriculture history information courtesy of www.agclassroom.org

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