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Through its dedicated Events Group, Meister Media Worldwide produces seminars, trade shows, conferences and custom events around the globe. In-depth, right-on-target content, extensive networking and brand marketing opportunities are what attendees, exhibitors and sponsors can count on from a Meister event. Participate in one of our existing events or discover our turn-key solutions for developing custom events for your company — all from one partner.

Logo for the Farm Chemicals International (FCI) Trade Summit event. The background is slightly less than one-half orange on the left side and the remainder is an orange-yellow. In the top left corner "FARM CHEMICALS INTERNATIONAL" logo appears in bold red with the wireframe globe behind it. Below that "Trade Summit" extends across the image in thin white text with a large red dot for the "i" in "Summit" FCI Trade Summit
Artisticly created hollow circles of varying shades of red with green leaves on top make up the apples and strawberry of the logo. A green curved line extends horizontally behind the bottom of the fruit artwork. Below that is written "FLORDAAGEXPO" where "FLORIDA" is thin red text, "AG" is maroon and bold, and "EXPO" is bold and light green. Florida Ag Expo
"FLORIDA Citrus SHOW" logo where the dot for the "i" in "Citrus" is an orange fruit with a green leaf attached to the stem. "Citrus" is bold and light green, and "Show" is below "Citrus" and is orange. Florida Citrus Show
Artistic swirl of red make up the body of the tomato topped with a green leaved stem. To the right is the logo text: INTERNATIONAL TOMATO CONGRESSâ„¢ 2014. A white background on which "TOMATO" is red and bold, "CONGRESS" is black and bolded, and "2014" is white type spaced out on a green rectangular background. The event will be held in Mazatlan, Mexico on June 18-20, 2014. International Tomato Congress
Congreso Internatcional del Tomateâ„¢ 2014 Congreso Internactional del Tomate