Cotton Market

The world consumes more than 20 million tons of cotton each year, making “white gold” a highly sought-after fiber for apparel and everyday household use. Produced in the United States from the Carolinas to southern California, cotton is spun and woven through a sophisticated system linking growers, ginners, merchants and textile mills around the world. While export of American cotton is at an all-time high, the unique global perspective of Meister Media Worldwide’s Cotton Media Group is positioned to help you like no other cotton media company in the market.

Since 1966, Meister Media Worldwide has stood alone in serving the U.S. cotton markets through its market-leading Cotton Grower brand. We have been providing cotton growers their own voice to the cotton industry with features on production, seed technologies, weed and insect management, marketing, global trade issues, events, and in-depth cotton coverage that goes beyond just the news.