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With developments like GPS-guided autosteer, soil sampling, yield measurement, and sophisticated data-driven agronomic programs, production agriculture has become a high-tech business. PrecisionAg® is the definitive media brand for the diverse community that makes these evolving technologies come alive for practical use on the farm: technology integrators, manufacturing partners, and the many stakeholders both inside and outside of agriculture who are bringing “big data” to the production of the world’s food supply.

PrecisionAg® magazine, published since the mid-1990s for the general precision community, in 2017 enhances its position to become PrecisionAg® Professional – presented by the editors of CropLife® magazine as a media brand expressly for the service providers who in turn serve and most heavily influence growers: ag retailers and cooperatives, consultants, Extension specialists, and equipment dealers.

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PrecisionAg® Professional Magazine
Focused on best practices and case studies and delivered primarily to ag retailers and cooperatives, consultants, Extension specialists, and equipment dealers.
The Global Hub for Ag Tech Innovation
Daily news and information, webinars, video, and in-depth reports.

PrecisionAg® Professional Update
PrecisionAg® Professional Update includes regularly scheduled news editions and topically focused reports.

PrecisionAg Events
PrecisionAg® produces the PrecisionAg® Professional Innovation Series and PrecisionAg® Vision Conference and is the media partner of the annual InfoAg Conference.

PrecisionAg® Initiatives
The PrecisionAg® Institute is a forum dedicated to the sharing of precision agriculture practices, ideas, research, products, services, and success stories.


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From concept planning through delivery, chances are good we know the farmers, growers and providers of precision agriculture you want to reach and how best to get their attention.

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