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Covering the vegetable industry in Mexico

Mexico’s vegetable industry is a world leader in providing fresh and processing vegetables to major export markets. Since 1993 Productores de Hortalizas® magazine has served the nation’s most successful field and greenhouse growers, agricultural consultants, and allied professionals with cutting-edge information on production, new seed varieties, marketing, and business management. Productores de Hortalizas unmatched blend of print, digital, and event offerings make it the go-to brand for horticultural professionals in reaching Mexico.

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* Total magazine reach based on Productores de Hortalizas monthly subscribers + trade show & other distribution (8,400) + 3x pass-along rate. Average website visits per month. E-Newsletter subscribers x 4 per month.

Productores de Hortalizas® Magazine
Deep focus on variety selection and production techniques through regular monthly coverage and special reports.
A dynamic site with industry coverage, video, webinars, and a high level of grower interactivity.

Productores de Hortalizas E-Newsletters
Productores de Hortalizas™ e-newsletters include regular editions and topically focused reports.

Productores de Hortalizas Events
The annual International Tomato Congress℠ and the CultiValor℠ series of workshops are unmatched for bringing in-person value to growers.

Productores de Hortaliza’s knowledge center focuses on growing and marketing high value crops, offering our audience an array of learning opportunities, from webinars to hands-on workshops all coordinated with renowned institutions such as Intagri and Ceickor.

Productores de Hortalizas Initiatives
Productores de Hortalizas presents its Tomato Grower Achievement Award & Pepper Grower Achievement Award each year.


Custom, Direct-to-Market Solutions
From concept planning through delivery, chances are good we know the growers, producers and horticulture professionals in the Mexico market that you want to reach and how best to get their attention.

Productores de Hortalizas Community

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The Productores de Hortalizas Team

The #1 trusted and experienced team you can count on in Mexico horticulture.


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