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Plants & Flowers

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Garden retailing increasingly is a competitive and diverse business, with consumers prizing product sold directly from growers for freshness, quality, and on-site expertise in care and maintenance. Greenhouse Grower RETAILING™ targets these dual grower-retailers, with additional content targeted to other greenhouse personnel vitally interested in movements at the consumer level and their impact on production decisions.

Market MapServes a community of growers who also are retailers

Impact up-the-chain variety and production decisions

Influence downstream consumers

See how you can connect to grower-retailers within the plants & flowers market:

Print Solutions

A spin-off of Greenhouse Grower® magazine, Greenhouse Grower RETAILING™ offers information for consumer-facing and production-focused growers who want to keep up to date on the pulse of the downstream market.


Digital Solutions, combined with our eNewsletters, offers you, the grower-retailer, the marketing and merchandising tips and news you can use, along with practical ideas for each coming marketing season.



Through online learning events, we’re recruiting university professors and national experts to teach grower-retailers how to retail their flowers and plants as well as they grow them.


Business Services

Whether you need just a few hours of work on a small project geared toward flowers and plants, or you would like to retain our ongoing services in exchange for a monthly fee, our talented team of strategists, web designers, writers, digital experts, and project managers are skilled professionals eager to put our comprehensive industry knowledge to work for you. Greenhouse Grower RETAILING® is the perfect brand to start your custom solution journey.


Leading and educating
the market with knowledge

Our industry-leading brands are the forefront in educating, reporting, and shaping the agribusiness market. See all our brands that connect through this audience and how you can channel your message through them.



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