Flashgeddon: Google and FireFox seek to put an end to Flash

Google is taking a huge step in its attempt to kill Flash for good, and this matters to any company using Flash in the website ads it runs. Google’s Chrome browser, which is the leading browser for nearly all of Meister Media’s brand websites (which means its probably also how your customers view your website), will […]

How and Why You Should be Using UTM Codes

By Charlie Craine So what in the world is a UTM code? A UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) tracking code adds some elements to the end of your URL to trace specific information back to Google Analytics. This helps to identify specific ads, links or campaigns. Why do you need a UTM code? Because most marketing […]

Web hosting: What should I do?

Before I even start with tech speak, consider this: If you had a million dollars would you put it under you mattress and guard it yourself every day? Or would you put it in a bank? We build a lot of websites for our clients, which means website hosting is critical to making those great […]

Blogging for Business

Fact: Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors. Fact: B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads per month than those who don’t blog. Blogging is clearly a great way to put your company’s expertise on display while boosting your engagement with the customers and prospects you want to reach. Blogging may seem passé […]

5 Social Media Tips for B2B

You know it’s true, and here are the facts to back up your sense that social media matters more than ever: The Aberdeen Group reports that 84% of b2b marketers use social media. Also, nearly 60% of marketers spend four to six hours a week on social media. By spending as little as 6 hours […]

The Search Box: What is really happening with your website Search

Nearly every site has one: a search box. But not everyone checks to see how their site visitors use their search box. Do you check and see what keywords or phrases people search for on your website? Do you just look at a list of keywords they search for, or do you really analyze that […]

Why Don’t I Show Up Higher on Google?

By Charlie Craine So your company has a website and you go to Google and search for it. Obviously, showing up atop a list of search results when you enter your company’s name is good. But how ‘high’ on the page is your new website when you search for key products you sell or services […]

Is your site optimized for search?

When evaluating most sites for search, and how they show up in Google, most people focus on trying to stuff keywords into content or a headline. But that is a great way not to show up in search or, worse yet, get dropped from search results. If you haven’t heard about Google’s new search algorithm […]