Brandt – Custom videos

To show the impact BRANDT’s products had on that harvest.

BRANDT asked Meister Media Worldwide to produce a marketing video featuring a grower who just had a record soybean harvest. BRANDT received the finished, four-minute video in time for their sales meeting, and they were able to prove the effectiveness of some key products through the testimony of a well-known grower.

The Solution

We were on a tight timeline because the video needed to be completed in time for a key sales meeting. We worked with BRANDT to identify the key points they wanted to cover and developed interview questions to focus the discussion. A videographer was hired, and one of our custom content editors flew to the grower’s farm. The video was filmed after season, so the soybean crop was anything but photogenic. We compensated for this by supplementing interview footage with some of BRANDT’s photography and b-roll footage of soybeans that we sourced online.

Client’s Need

BRANDT is a leading agricultural company with three divisions—Specialty Formulations, Retail Agronomy, and Dealer Support—serving growers around the globe. Soybean Yield Record Holder Randy Dowdy uses BRANDT nutrition products and attributes these as key factors that lead tot he record soybean harvest. BRANDT wanted a marketing video that highlighted this grower and reviewed the keys to his successful harvest.