Magna-Bon – Custom video

Magna-Bon faces a common marketing challenge of having to explain the complicated process of how its key product works, so the company decided to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ prospective customers.

Client’s Need

Magna-Bon sought an engaging video that could quickly and effectively help prospective customers understand how the product works and why it works so well. They were especially interested in featuring this video on their website and in trade show booths, where companies have so little time to sell and need to communicate quickly and effectively.

The Solution

Magna-Bon hired Meister Custom to create a 2-minute-long educational video that leaned heavily on animation to help the company simplify and communicate its technical message.

The key to the project was developing the storyboard after Meister Custom interviewed Magna-Bon personnel and wrote the script. Magna-Bon didn’t have many visual assets, so Meister Custom identified appropriate free images and animated them to hold viewers’ attention and clearly convey how the company’s unique product works so well.