Raven Applied Technologies – Print Series

Engaging retailers through ongoing educational content.

Client’s Need

Raven Applied Technologies makes cutting-edge precision agriculture tools, such as field computers, application controls, guidance and steering, as well as wireless connectivity and data management services. These technologies can seem complex and intimidating for new users, a potential roadblock for adoption by ag retailers. Raven’s marketing team wanted to break through this perceived barrier by explaining how they work.

The Solution

Meister created a series of articles that dove deep into the problems the new technologies solve. Called “Back to the Basics,” Raven experts were interviewed for each one, discussing the pros and cons of both existing and new solutions without overt product promotion. By providing practical, actionable information, the articles provided value to the reader and positioned the company as trusted resource.

Each article appeared in a two-page spread in Crop Life and was sent out twice as a native ad in the Crop Life enews, extending its reach. The series is still ongoing.