Monsanto – Print Series

Providing solutions for a serious problem.

Client’s Need

Herbicide-resistant weeds aren’t just a problem for farmers; they are a problem for herbicide manufacturers, as well. Educating growers and retailers on the proper rotation, timing, and use of their products to preserve efficacy is a priority for herbicide manufacturers.

Monsanto wanted to emphasize the importance of using of residual herbicides in an integrated weed control program. Because post-emergent weed control has been the predominant method in the past twenty years, most growers and retailers aren’t used to this necessary change.

The Solution

Meister’s custom content team interviewed two Monsanto experts and produced an attractive, four-page insert that was placed into three consecutive issues of Crop Life and delivered via Crop Life enews. In addition, 3,500 copies were produced for later use at tradeshows and other events. The content primarily focused on explaining the problem of herbicide resistance and best practices for managing it. A portion explained Monsanto’s new residual and controlled-release herbicides and how they fit into a weed control strategy designed to minimize herbicide resistance, making it easy to tie the problem and solution together.