Keyplex – Website

KeyPlex® approached Meister Media Worldwide to design and supply compelling web content that educates and demonstrates their technical expertise. New, compelling content has benefited KeyPlex in many ways. Their website contains the quantity and type of content that maximizes a search engine ranking and produces repeat traffic. Plus, they have been able to repurpose the content for their printed marketing materials and as native ads to drive even more traffic to their website.

“Providing in-depth articles on our website about the research behind our products and how they are used in the real world is an important way to connect us with our customers. Hearing from other growers helps our customers have confidence in their decision to include KeyPlex in their crop protection programs.”

Gerald O’Connor
CEO, Keyplex

Client’s Need

KeyPlex provides a broad range of crop nutrition and protection products to fruit and vegetable growers around the world. They had an on-going need to produce an array of fresh and compelling marketing content to populate and enhance their web presence. Their greatest challenge was how best to create these messages with a limited internal marketing staff.

The Solution

Our team worked with KeyPlex to develop a year-long editorial calendar that outlined more than 20 different pieces of created content, the focus for each piece, and who at KeyPlex would serve as the information source/interview subject for each article. The calendar included a flexible schedule outlining when content would be produced so they could incorporate select pieces into their other marketing activities.

Our custom content team then started compiling background information, reviewing research studies, interviewing sources, and writing the stories. As our contact at Keyplex approved each story, we posted the content to their website and, where applicable, created graphics to
promote the new content on their homepage.