Sakata Vegetables – Websites

Quality. Reliability. Service. This is Sakata’s motto and describes their new, dynamic website. Sakata has a website that can be used as a marketing resource plus serve as a dynamic representation of their business.

“Our new site takes all of the great information from our previous site, and allows for better functionality and accessibility from any device”

Alicia Suits
Communications Manager, Sakata

Client’s Need

Sakata Seed America is a wholesale vegetable seed company with a long history of breeding and producing breakthrough vegetable varieties. They needed a new website that was mobile friendly to better reach their customers and, more importantly, a site their marketing team could update quickly and easily to keep their content fresh.

The Solution

Sakata hired our team to develop an entirely new website. Much of the existing content was going to be used on the new site; functionality is where we came in. We worked with Sakata to develop a new site navigation with a crisp, professional look and the features they wanted. Our development team built the site using the latest HTML code to ensure mobile optimization and entered all of the content into WordPress, a user-friendly content management system that allows Sakata’s marketing team to add a completely new page in minutes. In addition, the website is connected to Sakata’s internal computer system, which allows users to see live product inventory, check the status of orders, review past invoices, and more.