Suntory Flowers – Brochures & sales literature

Suntory clearly understands the value of branding in its marketing efforts, given that it sells plants to greenhouse growers based largely
on how the plants look. Presentation matters to Suntory. Suntory’s approach to marketing has helped them capture everyone’s attention and stand out in the market. The company continues to invest in beautiful marketing materials and continues hiring Meister Media Worldwide to produce them.

“Meister Media is my go-to source for all my print and design needs, whether it be our catalogs and brochures, print and digital ads, logos, or trade show graphics, you name it!”

Delilah Onofrey
License Manager – Suntory Flowers, North America

Client’s Need

Known the world over for breeding beautiful flowers, Suntory needed professionally designed, high-quality printed materials to highlight their product offering to growers and brokers and to interest new customers.

The Solution

Our custom publishing team includes experienced designers with the market knowledge and design skills necessary to produce eye-catching, impactful printed materials that help a company stand out. Our designers had created Suntory’s original magazine ads, so we were well positioned to create product brochures, and even a full-line product catalog, that fit with the Suntory brand and the company’s design goals. We ultimately designed a variety of printed marketing pieces for Suntory, managed the printing process, and even oversaw storage and fulfillment.