Media Use of Fruit & Vegetable Growers Revealed

By Bob West

If you sell to fruit and vegetable growers ….

Do you know which media sources fruit and vegetable growers think are most useful when it comes to learning about new products?

Where do these growers look for answers when they’re researching a potential product purchase?

And when these growers go online, what sort of information are they seeking most often?

The team at American Fruit Grower magazine, American Vegetable Grower magazine and Florida Grower magazine has answered these questions along with many others with its 2015 Media Use Survey. This research, conducted in August 2015 based on survey input collected from 275 different growers across the country, provides marketers selling products or services to these growers with tremendous insight regarding which information sources these growers use, how often they use them, and what information they hope to glean from each.

A summary of the report is available 2015 Fruit & Vegetable Internet Use survey and includes details such as:

  • After the weather, the most popular topics growers research online include disease control, insect control, and variety information.
  • Two-thirds of the growers report using smartphones for work.
  • Nearly 60% of growers note they have downloaded at least one app for work and 30% of the growers say they use a work-specific app daily.
  • Approximately 30% of the growers use social media for work, and that number jumps to more than 43% for growers younger than 55 years old.

Click here now to download the full report summary.

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