Product Videos Boost Customer Confidence

At first glance, online video and social media appear to have little in common, but I see one very obvious connection between the two: they top the list of marketing tactics so many in our industry have been slow to embrace thus far. And new research out this week from the e-Tailing Group and Invodo illustrates the significance of the missed opportunity when you don’t incorporate video into your marketing tactics.

The report notes that 57% of its respondents said watching a video about a product before they buy it makes them more confident about purchasing that product later. In addition, 52% of the survey respondents said they are more likely to stay on a website longer if that site offers product videos.

It’s worth noting that this survey focused primarily on consumer buying habits rather than the B2B world, but our own internal research at Meister Media has consistently underscored the audience’s interest in videos that focus on new products. And ocould logically argue that B2B buyers would be even more interested in watching video about a product before buying it given the average purchase price of so many of the products needed for a business.

Growers of all types tell us year after year that videos about products (whether they’re new products or not!) are more interesting to them than videos on other topics. So, why aren’t more companies developing videos to feature their products? I imagine that concerns about the cost and questions about how to work in this new medium are the most common culprits, but both are easily overcome (see this blog post, “8 Ways to Make Video Jump Off the Screen“), if you’re willing to try.

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