Pros & Cons To Creating Your Own Content

By Bob West Most clients I meet with these days want to incorporate more content marketing tactics into their marketing plans, whether that means developing a blog, launching a video series, shifting toward native ads or launching their own e-newsletter. But nearly all of them are slowed trying to answer the same question: Who is […]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Next Content Project

By Bob West As more companies embrace content marketing, we see some poorly executed efforts, which is to be expected given the newness and subjective nature of the content marketing philosophy. Many of these problems can be avoided with some effective planning, so let’s look at key questions to consider before embarking on your next […]

5 Keys to Getting the Most Value From One Piece of Content

By Bob West Many of our clients understand the value of content marketing and want to incorporate this philosophy into their plans, but they face one daunting challenge – producing the content. Creating new content can undoubtedly present challenges (hence this blog post on the benefits of outsourcing your content development), which is why getting […]


Raven Applied Technologies – Print Series Engaging retailers through ongoing educational content. Client's Need Raven Applied Technologies makes cutting-edge precision agriculture tools, such as field computers, application controls, guidance and steering, as well as wireless connectivity and data management services. These technologies can seem complex and intimidating for new users, a potential roadblock for adoption [...]


Monsanto – Print Series Providing solutions for a serious problem. Client's Need Herbicide-resistant weeds aren’t just a problem for farmers; they are a problem for herbicide manufacturers, as well. Educating growers and retailers on the proper rotation, timing, and use of their products to preserve efficacy is a priority for herbicide manufacturers. Monsanto wanted to [...]


BASF – Custom content Engaging growers through ongoing educational content. The project achieved exactly what BASF wanted, as illustrated by the fact they have repeated it annually since 2010 with new content every year. Client's Need As BASF increased its focus on the ornamental horticulture industry, they wanted to create a high-visibility marketing piece to [...]