Some B-to-B Ads that Inspire

by Bob West

Many in B2B marketing world hold tight to secret dreams of what they could do with a consumer-sized budget. They see a new Apple campaign and say, “I could have done that.” Or they watch the Super Bowl commercials and come away thinking, “Really? That’s it?”

They they go back to ordering trade show handouts or reviewing the latest product photography for the new catalog and, well, the Super Bowl seems so very far away.

But the fact that an ad is designed for a business audience does not mean it has to be boring or can’t inspire tremendous creativity in others. AdAge illustrated this very point by identifying some of its favorite B2B campaigns from 2013. Take a look, enjoy, and be inspired. Click here.

The author is Director of Interactive Sales at Meister Media. He can be reader at 440/602-9129 or