Magna-Bon – Custom video Magna-Bon faces a common marketing challenge of having to explain the complicated process of how its key product works, so the company decided to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ prospective customers. Client's Need Magna-Bon sought an engaging video that could quickly and effectively help prospective customers understand how the product works and [...]


Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies – Custom video Griffin Greenhouse Suppliers wants growers to know that they can purchase the key products necessary for cannabis production from Griffin in addition to their traditional greenhouse supplies. Client's Need Griffin contracted with Meister Custom for an awareness-building video that they could play in their booth at a [...]


Rivulis Irrigation – Custom videos Rivulis understands that growers trust each other, so they approached Meister Media Worldwide to create a series of customer testimonial videos, in their customers’ words, that would help them communicate key product features and benefits. Rivulis has produced eight videos in this program – four in English (with Spanish subtitles) [...]


Brandt – Custom videos To show the impact BRANDT’s products had on that harvest. BRANDT asked Meister Media Worldwide to produce a marketing video featuring a grower who just had a record soybean harvest. BRANDT received the finished, four-minute video in time for their sales meeting, and they were able to prove the effectiveness of [...]